What is a PPI (pre-purchase inspection)?

With so much more cars being sold privately these days on platforms such as Trade Me and Facebook how do you know your not buying a lemon? Here at Gearheads Garage one of our full qualified technicians can give you peace of mind with a pre-purchase inspection. We will give the vehicle a comprehensive inspection to assess the condition of the vehicle. We check the mechanical, safety and cosmetic systems of a vehicle and give you a thorough report on our findings.

Why it is important to get a PPI?
By knowing the condition of a vehicle before you buy it, will give you peace of mind whether you are making the right decission on buying the vehicle. You might find out about unseen or hidden defects that could make the vehicle unsafe or expensive to repair once you have taken ownership. Knowing about faults also gives you leverage to negotiate the price.
In recent time the amount of cases ending up at the Disputes Tribunal where a vehicle has been bought only to find defects that weren’t disclosed have increased dramatically, often resulting in the buyer being stuck with bad deal and extra costs.

Need to arrange a PPI?
Contact us today to arrange a time to bring in your vehicle for a PPI.

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